Self-Study Opportunities

Nicole offers several self study options through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. Classes are all available “on-demand” and you gain instant access with purchase.

Rally Signs: Novice Through Excellent

This self study course contains all of the Novice/Level One signs from AKC, ASCA, UKC, and WCRL Rally. It also contains all of the Advanced and Excellent signs from AKC Rally. Each sign has its own lecture and is labeled by the AKC number and name, making it easy to find. In each lecture, you will find a picture and description of the sign. You will also find a video demo that I did and the video demo from the AKC website. Finally, I have included tips for each sign to help you avoid common mistakes. If you are looking for a course to teach you the rally signs, this is it! These organized lectures will be the perfect addition to your rally library and will be a great resource to refer back to again and again.

Dog Training for Kids 101

Do you have a child (or know one) who loves dogs? Is your child always begging to “train” the dog? Would you like to foster a healthy relationship between your child and dog and give them both something to do? This workshop is geared toward the kids and is all about learning good dog training. During this workshop, your child will learn some of these basics that will allow them to effectively communicate with and train the dog! They’ll learn some games to play without the dog to hone their newly-learned skills and will have a chance to teach the dog a trick to show off to their family and friends!

Sit, Down, Stay: Basic Obedience for the Pet Dog

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell your dog to lie down when the doorbell rings and know your dog will stay there while you grab the box from the UPS man? Or when you’re out walking and three dogs are dragging a disgruntled owner your way, you can step off the sidewalk and tell your dog to sit as you both calmly watch the dogs pass before you continue on your relaxing walk?

Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping On People: Teaching Polite Greetings

Imagine having a dog that doesn’t jump on people. When you have guests over, you can let the dog say hi knowing that he or she won’t knock over your mom, or lick the little kids’ faces, or leave muddy paw prints on your friend’s beautiful ivory dress. When you stop to say hello to a neighbor while on your walk, your dog sits calmly as you chat.

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