FDSA Training Camp 2023

Photo Order Form

Step 1: Choose Photos

You can view the photos in Google Drive at the link below — make note of the file name on the photos you might like to purchase.

Individual photos are $15 USD each, or you can purchase 5 for $60 USD. 

Step 2: Submit Order Form

Tell us which photos you picked and where you’d like us to send the finals using the form below! Then we’ll edit and enhance the photos you’ve chosen!

Proof images represent raw, unedited images directly from the camera.

Step 3: Send Payment

After submitting the form, please submit payment based on the number of photos you ordered, either via Paypal (Lovingmygoldens@yahoo.com) or Venmo* (@Nicole-Wiebusch). Important: We will not work on your images until we receive payment.

If Venmo asks for the last 4 digits of the phone number, enter: 2328

Please include each file name on a separate line.
Do you understand that photos are $15 each, or 5 for $60?(Required)