FDSA Workshop

Where’s the Cookie? Reduce Reinforcement from Day 1

Start Date: February 5, 2023
Registration Opens: January 22, 2022

When you bring home that cute adorable puppy that may someday be your next sport dog, the last thing on your mind is reducing reinforcement! That’s a project for way later, just before you’re thinking about entering competitions, right? Not necessarily! There are steps we can take right now – with your little tiny puppy – that will help the dog understand from day one that cookies might not always be in mommy’s (or daddy’s) hand. These techniques will work regardless of your dog’s age, but you can use them even on little pups!

During this workshop, I’ll show you how a simple plan to getting cookies off your body. Through this process we’ll teach the dog that the cookies might be in your hand, or in your pocket, or on the chair next to you, or on the counter. We’ll introduce to the dog the concept that cookies can be a distraction as well as a reward. At the end of this workshop, your dog will be able to perform simple behaviors regardless of where the cookies are!

Check out the trailer here: