FDSA Webinar

When Start Buttons Fail: When Opted In Dogs Opt Back Out

When: August 17, 2023

You’re all ready to train; you have the plan, the dog, and the treats. Your dog seems attentive during your warm up, but as you get into the session, things start falling apart. It starts with the dog getting distracted and goes downhill from there.

What happened? Your dog seemed ready to work, but here you are, with your dog sniffing the ground or staring at a distraction.

Sometimes dogs who have appeared to opt in might not be as ready as they seem. The signs aren’t always clear, but dogs will often let us know if they aren’t 100% in the game. This webinar will show you how to recognize those subtle signs that give you a clue to the dog’s state of mind, so you don’t start training with a dog that’s not quite ready.

Occasionally dogs will be all in, but something happens to change that. Perhaps a new distraction showed up, or the dog made a mistake and struggled to recover, or maybe the handler asked for too many repetitions of a behavior. We’ll cover this scenario too – how to get the dog back. There are many options for handling a situation like this, and you’ll learn how to find one that works for your dog.

When your opted in dog opts back out, you have options! Join me as we explore this topic deeper so you know just what to do when it happens to you.