FDSA Workshop

Teaching a Fun and Flashy Drop on Recall!

Start Date: November 7, 2021
Registration Opens: October 22, 2021

During this workshop we will break down each step in teaching a confident fun drop on recall for the Open obedience ring. We will start with teaching the dogs to down from a stand and work our way up to having the dogs down out of motion. This workshop will not cover the front part of the Drop on Recall exercise so it’s recommended that the dog has the skills to perform a front to criteria, the handler uses a platform or a PVC box for the front, or the exercise is broken off before the dog fronts.
We will cover the following:

  • Teaching a down from a stand with handler in front
  • Teaching a down from a stand at distance
  • Teaching a down out of motion
  • Placement of reward choices for the drop on recall
  • How to handle anticipation
  • Problem solving

This workshop would be equally suited to a beginner who has not yet learned this exercise as to an advanced dog needing some retraining.