FDSA Workshop

Teaching a Fabulous Front with Games

Start Date: March 12, 2023
Registration Opens: February 22, 2023

When you think of fronts, how does it make you feel? Are you frustrated trying to achieve quality criteria while maintaining a happy confident dog? Do you think it’s hard to have both precision and enthusiasm?

I have news for you! You CAN have both accuracy and fun while training fronts! This workshop will show you how to teach fronts with fun games. No more boring repetitions. No more frustration when your dog shuts down.

Whether you are just starting your front training journey or you have a dog who is already trained but could use some fun, the material in this workshop will be helpful for you.

You’ll learn how to teach fronts through a number of steps and fun games and how to troubleshoot issues you might already have. We’ll cover targeting behaviors, body awareness, and how various props can help communicate criteria to your dog. We’ll also talk about several different types of reinforcement strategies and figure out what works best for your dog. Finally, we’ll briefly cover fading the props. If you want more assistance with fading the props or training the finish please check out my class running in April, Finding the FUN in Fronts and Finishes. That class will take the basics that you learned here and help you achieve a competition-ready and happy front and finish!