FDSA Workshop

Stays For All Occasions – Active Sits and Relaxed Downs

Start Date: October 2, 2022
Registration Opens: September 22, 2022

Does your dog struggle with stays? Maybe you have trouble teaching duration. Or your dog can’t relax on the station or in a down stay. Perhaps it falls apart when you add distance.

Stays are critical for dog sports, whether it’s an active stay like an agility start line or an obedience recall, or a relaxed stay while you set up a training session or talk to your instructor.

This workshop will give you the tools that you need to teach amazing stays! I will discuss both active stays and relaxed stays and how to teach both. I will cover adding different challenges in the form of duration, distractions, and distance and how to handle mistakes. In addition, I’ll outline when and how to reduce reinforcement so you can finally have a true relaxed down stay! Your dog will learn that the ultimate reward for the stay is being released to work, which leads to tons of fun and reinforcement!