FDSA Workshop

Sensational Sidesteps: Teaching Lateral Movement in Heel and in Front

Start Date: September 24, 2023
Registration Opens: August 22, 2023

If you compete in Rally, lateral movement is a requirement, but even if you just want to teach your dog a more solid understanding of heel, this skill is a good one to have. I use sidesteps all the time when I’m heeling, to help bring the dog closer to me, reduce crabbing, and straighten out crooked sits.

In Rally, there are two types of lateral movement: in heel and in front. For heel position, the handler moves away from the dog and the dog must stay parallel to the handler as the sidesteps are completed. In front, the dog must be able to move laterally both ways while staying in front position. We’ll cover both skills!

Having a good understanding of left pivots will be an advantage to working dogs. We’ll briefly cover the steps to get dogs off the pivot disc before we start with the lateral training. Join me in this fun workshop to teach your dog some fancy sideways movement!