6-Week Class

Rock-Solid Stays for Competition & Real Life

Start Date: February 1, 2022
Registration Opens: January 22, 2022

Class Description

If you find teaching movement-oriented behaviors easy but “the absence of behavior” (stays!) hard – then this class is for you!  Whether your dog is just learning stays or you’ve been struggling and you know you need some help, this class will get you on track to your final goal – rock solid stays for both competition and as a basic life skill.

In general, you can break stays into two categories: competition and relaxed.  The competition stays include the ones that you need for the obedience, rally and agility rings.  These stays are usually fairly short and intense; the dog is ready for the next cue!

The second kind, a “relaxed” stay, is completely different, and therefore we approach training from a different angle.  In this stay the dog relaxes in the position (or on a station) and the handler is free to focus on something else.

During this class, we will discuss why training stays with our operant dogs is different than it used to be, outline how we as trainers can adapt our training plans to account for this and take a close look at the process for training both types of stays from start to finish, including adding different types of distractions, building confidence, and removing reinforcement in the finished behaviors.  And of course, we’ll talk about handling mistakes as well!

If you’d like your dog to have fabulous competition stays and truly relaxed down stays, this is for you!

Trailer for this class:

Teaching Approach

This is a skill-based class.  Lectures are released once weekly on the first day of the week.  Each week there will be a variety of short skill lectures which contain step by step instructions that are written out followed by video examples.  Most videos are short but some may be up to a couple minutes.  The videos do not require the ability to hear them in order to understand what’s going on.  For each skill lecture, the suggested homework is listed on the bottom of the lecture.  This class will work best for students who enjoy reading text lectures and watching videos that demonstrate the steps detailed in the written portion of the lecture.  The steps for teaching each skill are broken down and laid out in a structured way.  Written feedback will be provided with video examples if necessary.

Class Syllabus

Week 1

  • Marker cues
  • Reward Placement
  • Zen Hand
  • Rapid Treats
  • Releases

Week 2

  • 3 D’s
  • Slow Treats
  • Sit Game
  • Adding Duration
  • Mistakes
  • Floor Impulse Control

Week 3

  • Props for stays
  • Stand Stillness Step 1
  • Adding Distractions
  • Dish

Week 4

  • Stand Stays
  • More Distractions
  • Walking Behind
  • Introducing Distance
  • Station Part 1

Week 5

  • Reducing Reinforcement Part 1
  • Station Part 2

Week 6

  • Reducing Reinforcement Part 2
  • Generalization