FDSA Webinar

Popular Props for Performance

When: October 27, 2022 at 6pm PT

Most trainers recognize how helpful props can be for teaching and improving behaviors, but where do you start? This webinar will give you a nice outline of many common props and how they can help your dog’s performance. Learn how to teach the props, how to fade them, and everything in between!

Some of the props that we’ll cover include various platforms, foot targets, pivot bowls, gates, PVC chutes, and cones.

Do you have a young pup or dog new to obedience? This webinar will be perfect for you as you’ll learn how to utilize props to teach behaviors. Get a clean behavior right from the start while you build reward history!

If you’re struggling with crooked fronts and finishes, lack of rear end awareness, fading lures or body prompts, creeping on positions, or backing up, join me and learn how props can help you fix these issues and many more!