6-Week Class

Movin’ On Up: Skills and Signs for Master Rally

Start Date: December 1, 2023
Registration Opens: November 22, 2023

Class Description

Are you a little intimidated by the master signs, with all those spins, sends, and signals?  Don’t be!  The rally master class is a blast for you and your dog.  If you’ve both been enjoying rally to this point, jump into the master class and get ready to have even more fun!

In this class, you’ll learn how to teach your dog all those fun rally moves.  There will be detailed lectures with lots of video examples of how to teach every skill you’ll need for master rally.  In addition, you will learn how each master sign is to be performed correctly.  Learn to avoid common errors as you view lectures with descriptions, videos, troubleshooting tips, and more!  Finally, we’ll discuss the rules and challenges particular to the master level of AKC rally.

Rally is quickly gaining popularity and the addition of the master class, plus the championship titles and the national competitions, makes it a great sport for those wanting to compete at higher levels.  Join me today to see how fun master rally can be!

Class Syllabus

Week 1: Recalls

1.1 Halt Recall Jump Turn Forward Signs

1.2 Turns After Finishes

1.3 Call Over Jump

1.4 Call Over Jump with Front

1.5 Halt Leave Recall Finishes

1.6 Recalls


Week 2: Side Steps

2.1 Call Front Move 2 Side Steps Finish Forward

2.2 Lateral Movement with Mats

2.3 Lateral Fronts with Props

2.4 Pivots and Lateral Fronts


Week 3: Send Aways

3.1 Halt Send Away Sit Signs

3.2 Teaching the Send

3.3 Teaching the Sit at Distance


Week 4: Backups and Stands

4.1 Backup 3 Steps Turn Backup 1 or 2 Steps

4.2 Teaching the Right Backup

4.3 Teaching the Left Backup

4.4 Backup 3 Steps Stand Leave Call to Finish Forward

4.5 Teaching Back Leave Call to Finish

4.6 Stand Leave 2 Steps Call to Heel

4.7 Teaching Stand Leave Call to Heel


Week 5: Spins

5.1 Dog Spins Right or Left Forward Signs

5.2 Teaching Spins

5.3 Side by Side 360 Circle Signs

5.4 Teaching Side by Side Circles

5.5 Dog Circles Right Around Handler – Handler Circles Left

5.6 Teaching Dog Right Handler Left Circle


Week 6: Short Heeling Segments

6.1 Cloverleaf Sign

6.2 Cloverleaf Tips

6.3 Double Left About Turn Right/Left Turn Signs

6.3 Teaching Double Left About Turns