6-Week Class

Give Props to Props: Getting Clean Competition Behaviors

Start Date: December 1, 2021
Registration Opens: November 22, 2021

Class Description

Are you struggling with crooked fronts or finishes?  Is your dog creeping on the position changes?  Is your dog still not backing up on cue?  Learn how props can help prevent or fix all these problems and many more!  How would it feel to explain exactly what you want to your dog, without a ton of body cues and prompts? With so many behaviors to teach our competition dogs, I am all for building good habits early on and making training easier!

If you agree, join me in this class and learn why I use props to teach many obedience and rally behaviors. We will cover shaping and luring and how both can be effective in teaching props. We’ll discuss sit platforms, full body platforms, pivot bowls, gates, PVC chutes, and foot targets. You’ll learn how to teach your dog what is expected of each prop (no buddy, we don’t pivot on the front foot target!) and how to use those props to get lovely rear end awareness, fabulous left turns, fantastic fronts and finishes, and stunning position changes at a distance. In addition, we’ll teach pocket hand, sustained nose touches, and chin rests that you can use in a variety of situations! Finally, we will discuss methods for fading the props. With the information you learn in this class, you can teach or improve heeling, fronts, finishes, position changes, retrieves, backing up, and more! Watch your scores go up with the understanding your dog will gain!

Do you have a young dog or puppy that hasn’t had a lot of formal rally or obedience training? Or maybe an older dog with whom you’re trying to clean up those fronts and finishes or posititon changes? Do you want to take your training to the next step? If so, this class is a perfect fit for you! From puppies to older dogs, every dog will love this class!

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Class Syllabus

1.1 Shaping Versus Luring

1.2 Discussion of Heel Position

1.3 Introduction to Pivot Bowl and Duration

1.4 Getting Movement on the Pivot Bowl

1.5 Pivots and Rear End Awareness

1.6 Other Behaviors That Use the Pivot Bowl

2.1 Introduction to Pocket Hand

2.2 Duration with the Pocket Hand

2.3 Combining Pocket Hand with Pivot Bowl

2.4 Fading the Pocket Hand

3.1 Introduction to Full Body Platform and Duration

3.2 Introduction to Sit Platform and Duration

3.3 Teaching Fronts with the Sit Platform

3.4 Teaching Finishes with the Sit Platform

3.5 Teaching Setups (Find Heel) with the Sit Platform

3.6 Teaching Position Changes Using Platforms

3.7 Considerations for Fading Props

4.1 Introduction to Front Feet Targets and Duration

4.2 Introduction to Rear Foot Target and Duration

4.3 Teaching Backing Up with the Rear Foot Target

4.4 Using Front Foot Target for Positions

5.1 Teaching a Nose Touch and Adding Duration

5.2 Transferring Nose Touches to Targets

5.3 Nose Touches for Heeling and Tuck Sits

5.4 Teaching a Chin Rest and Adding Duration

5.5 Using a Chin Rest for Fronts

5.6 Using a Chin Rest for Holds

6.1 Introduction to Gates

6.2 Using Gates for Backing Up

6.3 Using Gates for Fronts and Finishes

6.4 Introduction to PVC Chutes

6.5 Fronts and PVC Chutes

6.6 Finishes and PVC Chutes

6.7 Using PVC Chutes to Prevent Creeping