Imagine having a dog that doesn’t jump on people. When you have guests over, you can let the dog say hi knowing that he or she won’t knock over your mom, or lick the little kids’ faces, or leave muddy paw prints on your friend’s beautiful ivory dress. When you stop to say hello to a neighbor while on your walk, your dog sits calmly as you chat.

Unfortunately, your reality looks a little different. You don’t even let people come to your house any more because your dog jumps so much and you are embarrassed. You cross the street in order to avoid other people on your walks. And when you come home from work, you feel anxious walking in the door just knowing that you will spend the next 10 minutes yelling at the dog to “get down! No!”

Thankfully, a little training can go a long way in teaching your dog not to jump! In this video, you will learn why your dog jumps on you and what to do about it. You’ll be taught how to teach alternative behaviors and how to reduce your dog’s arousal level, making jumping less likely. By the end of this video, you will have gained the understanding to dramatically reduce jumping for your dog.


Watch the Video Trailer with Sample Clips: