FDSA Webinar

Get Ready to Rally TEAM!

When: June 23, 2022

Are you looking for something fun to do; an activity that will set a great foundation for rally or obedience training? Do you need some new goals to work toward with your dog? Let me tell you about the NEW TEAM Rally program!

The Fenzi TEAM Obedience program has become very popular, and the additions of the TEAM Nosework and Cooperative Care have also been well received. Welcome to the 4th addition to the TEAM program – Rally!

TEAM stands for Training Excellence Assessment Modules. It’s a program to encourage breaking down skills and quality training. TEAM is a standalone program but is extremely useful as a foundation for performance events in other venues.

Each TEAM program is slightly different. For example, the Obedience program focuses on precision and accuracy. The Rally program will focus on excellent foundation training but will be less strict on precision and will allow more communication between the handler and the dog. For a team looking for a slightly more laid-back approach to training behaviors, TEAM Rally will be perfect!

Does this sound intriguing? Want to learn more? Jump ahead of the crowd with this in-depth look at the new TEAM Rally program! Join Nicole and explore how the program will be structured and the skills that will be needed. Get a sneak peak at the levels, the signs, and the courses. Bring your questions for the live Q&A following the webinar!