6-Week Class

Get Ready to Rally – Advancing to Rally Excellent!

Start Date: October 1, 2023
Registration Opens: Sept. 22, 2023

Class Description

Once you get into the Rally ring, most teams move through the Novice level fairly quickly.  Be prepared for move ups with this class on Advanced and Excellent signs! We will focus on the AKC signs for this class, but if you compete in another venue and need help with a sign, just let me know and I’m happy to add it in!  Each week will consist of three parts: sign introduction, skills, and how to properly perform the sign. There will be lectures and video examples for every sign, plus additional lectures and videos on how to teach the skills needed for the sign, if they weren’t previously taught for the Novice level signs.

There will be a TA for this class in the study group!

Here’s a video of an Excellent run in AKC Rally.  This is one of my students with her Chessie.

Here is the trailer for this class!


Class Syllabus

This information is subject to change:

Week 1

1.1 Halt Down Sit
1.2 Halt Stand
1.3 Halt Stand Down
1.4 Halt Stand Sit
1.5 Transitioning to Off-Leash

Week 2

2.1 Send Over Jump Handler Passes By
2.2 Halt Call Front Finish Right
2.3 Halt Call Front Finish Left
2.4 Halt Step in Front Finish Right Forward
2.5 Halt Step in Front Finish Left Forward
2.6 Send to Jump
2.7 Halt Dog Circles Right Sit
2.8 Supplemental Lecture on Broad Jump
2.9 Removing Reinforcers

Week 3

3.1 Halt About Turn Right Forward
3.2 Halt About U Turn Forward
3.3 Halt Turn Right One Step Call to Heel Halt
3.4 Halt 90 Degree Pivot Right Halt
3.5 Halt 90 Degree Pivot Left Halt
3.6 Halt Sidestep Right Halt
3.7 Halt 180 Degree Pivot Right Halt
3.8 Halt 180 Degree Pivot Left Halt
3.9 Staying Connected to Your Dog

Week 4

4.1 Halt Pivot Right Forward
4.2 Halt Pivot Left Forward
4.3 Right Turn Dog Circles Right Forward
4.4 Left Turn Dog Circles Right Forward
4.5 2 Side Steps Right Forward
4.6 Stand Right Turn Forward
4.7 Stand Left Turn Forward
4.8 Tips for Not Getting Lost on the Rally Course

Week 5

5.1 Offset Figure 8
5.2 Backup 3 Steps
5.3 Double Left About Turn
5.4 About Turn Right About U Turn
5.5 About U Turn About Turn Right
5.6 What To Do When it All Goes Wrong!

Week 6

6.1 Halt Stand Walk Around
6.2 Halt Leave 2 Steps Call to Heel Forward
6.3 Moving Stand Walk Around
6.4 Moving Down Walk Around
6.5 Down While Heeling Call to Finish Sit
6.6 Stand While Heeling Call to Finish Sit
6.7 Stand Leave Sit Call Front Finish
6.8 Stand Leave Down Call Front Finish Sit
6.9 Sit Stay

Week 5

Short Heeling Segments

Week 6

Out of Motion Positions, Positions in Front, and Stays