FDSA Webinar

Game On! Increasing Enthusiasm in Heeling

When: February 29, 2024

Does the prospect of teaching your dog to heel feel like a bit of a chore? Maintaining enthusiasm during heeling training can be challenging. If you and your dog are in need of a motivational boost when it comes to heeling, you’ve come to the right place. Join us for an exciting webinar where we’ll delve into the world of heeling games.

Training routines can sometimes become monotonous, leaving you and your dog feeling uninspired. In this webinar, we’ll explore various interactive and fun games that will spice up your training sessions and rekindle the excitement for heeling. Whether your training regimen has hit a plateau or you’re simply looking for creative ways to enhance your dog’s heeling skills, this webinar has something for you.

If the idea of heeling has started to feel a bit stale, this webinar is the perfect opportunity to inject some joy back into the process. Register now for our webinar on heeling games!