6-Week Class

From the Backyard to the Ring: Conquering Distractions for Competition Success

Start Date: October 1, 2023
Registration Opens: September 22, 2023

Class Description

Is your dog easily distracted in the competition ring? Are you seeking the secrets to training behaviors to flawless fluency even in the ring? Look no further than this transformative class, “From the Backyard to the Ring: Conquering Distractions for Competition Success.” Whether your sport is rally, obedience, agility, or more, you’ll learn tips for success in the competition ring.

Building upon the principles taught in the previous class, “Beyond the Backyard: Distraction Training for Competition and Real Life,” this course will empower you with advanced knowledge and techniques to prepare your dog for the demanding environment of competitive events. While knowledge from the previous class is beneficial, it is not a prerequisite for enrollment.

You’ll learn to train behaviors to fluency, ensuring your dog’s responses become second nature. We’ll explore effective training methods to help you build rock-solid foundations. You’ll learn invaluable techniques to gradually introduce and desensitize your dog to distractions commonly encountered in the competition ring. From crowds and noise to unusual sights and scents, your dog will learn to remain calm, composed, and attentive in the face of any distractions.

Join this class to prepare your dog to excel in the competition ring and watch your partnership blossom as you conquer distractions and achieve the pinnacle of success together.

Class Syllabus

*subject to change

1.1 Before We Get Started: Where’s Your Brain?

1.2 Design Your Training Session for Success

1.3 How to Handle Mistakes

1.4 Defining Fluency

1.5 Increase Criteria Decrease Difficulty

1.6 Cookies: Reinforcement or Distraction?


2.1 Common Distractions in the Competition Ring

2.2 Novel Environments: Acclimation

2.3 What is Generalization and Why Does it Matter for Competition Dogs?

2.4 Successfully Introducing Distractions into Your Training Sessions

2.5 Remote Reinforcement


3.1 Ring Simulation: How to Build a Ring in Your Backyard

3.2 Ring-Specific Scenarios

3.3 Increasing Difficulty of Distractions

3.4 Sound and Smell Distractions in the Ring


4.1 How Pressure Affects Your Dog

4.2 High-Arousal Distractions

4.3 Staying Connected Before, During, and After Your Run


5.1 Mental Prep for Trials

5.2 How to Handle Run-Throughs or Fun Runs

5.3 Amp Up or Calm Down?


6.1 Fill in the Holes

6.2 Find a Run Through or Fun Match (or Make Your Own)

6.3 Analyzing Trial Video for Information