6-Week Class

From Pivots to Practical Heeling

Start Date: June 1, 2024
Registration Opens: May 22, 2024

Class Description

If you feel overwhelmed when you think about teaching your dog to heel or you simply don’t know where to start, this is the class for you. Instead of obsessing about every little detail (also a wonderful path for those that want that!), this class will offer a simple yet effective way to teach practical heeling. We will start with the pivot bowl and establish value for being in heel. Next we’ll fade the props and you’ll be left with awesome rear end movement. Finally we’ll get moving! Throughout the class we’ll use a combination of luring and shaping to get your heeling kick-started and moving forward in 6 weeks! Whether you’re brand new to heeling, can’t get off the pivot bowl, or aren’t sure how to progress to moving forward, this class will help you get to that next step. If you want to get out in the ring but heeling is holding you back, the answer is right here! Join us today to go from pivots to practical heeling!

Trailer for this class:

Class Syllabus

(Subject to Change)

Pre-Lecture: Props Recommended for this Course


1.1 Pivot Bowl Introduction

1.2 Starting Movement on the Pivot Bowl

1.3 Pocket Hand Introduction

1.4 Placement of Reward for Heel Position

1.5 Nose Touch


2.1 Sustained Nose Touch For Tuck Sits in Heeling

2.2 More Movement on the Pivot Bowl

2.3 Pocket Hand on the Pivot Bowl

2.4 Find Heel with Platform


3.1 Get Off the Bowl

3.2 Pocket Hand with Heeling

3.2 Setups in Heel

3.3 First Steps from Stand


4.1 Reward Markers and Strategies in Heeling

4.2 Turns

4.3 Pace Changes


5.1 Starting From a Sit

5.2 Halts

5.3 Fading Pocket Hand


6.1 Increasing Number of Steps

6.2 Resets