FDSA Workshop

From Here to There: A 7-Step Plan to Generalize Behaviors

Start Date: March 3, 2024
Registration Opens: February 22, 2024

Your dog listens so well in your living room, but as soon as you step outside, they act like you aren’t even there. Does this sound familiar? Teaching generalization can be tricky because often the environment the dog learns in serves as a contextual cue for the behavior. A perfect example: Your dog sits and stays for their food, but when you open the door to get packages from the UPS man, your dog bolts out the door regardless of your attempts to get them to stay. In this case, the bowl serves as an additional stay cue; without it, the dog doesn’t understand the behavior.

Taking behaviors on the road adds an additional layer of difficulty. Not only is the environment completely different, but it is also filled with distractions. For your dog to listen to your cues in various situations, they must be taught that sit means sit regardless of the environment.

This workshop will give you a 7-step plan for generalizing behaviors. You’ll take a known behavior and by the end of the week, your dog will be able to perform the behavior in new environments. Join me as we break down this difficult concept into an achievable goal!