6-Week Class

From Good to GREAT! Increasing Your Rally Scores

Start Date: June 1, 2024
Registration Opens: May 22, 2024

Class Description

You love playing rally with your dog, but sometimes you wish your scores were just a bit higher.  Imagine being able to increase your rally scores simply by incorporating some minor changes.  Did you know that the majority of points are lost due to handler errors?

This class is all about increasing your scores!  Whether you’re in Novice, Master, or somewhere in between, we’ll cover it all.

I’ve polled dozens of judges and experienced exhibitors and have complied a list of the most common reasons dogs lose points in rally.

Some are simple to fix, like knowing how to do the signs!  I’m going to set up an optional short handling challenge each week so that you can practice really knowing the signs.  We’ll also discuss how to remember all of those pesky details of each sign, as well as remembering courses.

Some errors can be reduced by doing some dog training, so we’ll work on that aspect also!  Are your fronts a little crooked?  Perhaps your heeling isn’t quite up to par.  Are you really struggling with those master spins?  We’ll work on those, and many more.  In fact, Gold spots can get individualized help with any rally-related skill!

AND – the most exciting news of all!  The American Kennel Club (AKC) is offering a virtual titling program for Novice Rally.  During this course, we are going to take a look at the five available courses.  We’ll discuss tricky areas and tips, and if you want to set them up, you can video for my feedback before you submit to the AKC.  If you follow the guidelines for videoing set forth by the AKC, you can even submit that video to the AKC for judging!

If you’re just starting out in Rally, get ahead of the game by learning all these tips before you even start competing!  Regardless of where you are in your rally journey, this class will help you increase your scores!

Teaching Approach

This is a skill-based class.  Lectures are released once weekly.  Each week there will be a variety of short lectures which contain tips on preventing common errors and training better behaviors.  There will be lots of video examples.  Most videos are short but some may be up to a couple minutes.  The videos do not require the ability to hear them in order to understand what’s going on.  This class will systematically cover the most common reasons that points are lost in rally and what to do about it.

This class will have a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) available in the Facebook study group to help the bronze and silver students! Directions for joining will be in the classroom after you register.

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Class Syllabus

1.1 Knowing the Signs
1.2 Ring Entrance/Setup Routine
1.3 Tight Leashes
1.4 Improving Heeling

2.1 Staying Connected to Your Dog
2.2 Getting Dizzy with Spirals
2.3 Figure 8, Cloverleaf, and Serps
2.4 Crooked Sits

3.1 Tips for Remembering Courses
3.2 1-2-3 Step Signs
3.3 Stop and Down
3.4 Keep Those Feet Still!

4.1 Pivots Versus Turns
4.2 Call to Heel Signs
4.3 Pace Changes
4.4 Walk Around PAUSE

5.1 Jumps
5.2 Backing Up and Side Steps
5.3 Moving Positions
5.4 How to Handle Mistakes

6.1 Crazy Spins
6.2 Sit or Not?
6.3 Common Deductions