FDSA Workshop

Connect Six: Training Games for Maintaining Connection

Start Date: October 29, 2023
Registration Opens: September 22, 2023

In dog training, building and sustaining strong connection with your dog is a rewarding yet evolving journey. Just like humans, dogs can experience moments of disconnection, which can stem from various factors such as distractions, environmental changes, or even reinforcement. The workshop Connect Six: Training Games for Maintaining Connection teaches six engaging and interactive games that will empower you to navigate through times when your dog disconnects. These games will teach your dog how to reengage with you and even help prevent the disconnection from ever happening.

This workshop is ideal for dogs of all experience levels and handlers committed to engaging and connecting during training sessions. Whether you’re facing challenges in maintaining your dog’s focus during training sessions, dealing with moments of disconnection, or seeking to prevent disconnection from happening in the first place, you’ll find the practical games this workshop offers beneficial.

Join me for Connect Six: Training Games for Maintaining Connection to start the journey of having a dog that stays connected throughout training sessions, always wanting to learn more! The lecture will cover how to teach the six games and working students can pick a couple to work on and submit a video for review at the end of the week. Click register now to take the next step in your training journey!