FDSA Workshop

Breaking Down the Broad Jump

Start Date: July 25, 2021
Registration Opens: June 22, 2021

The broad jump is an important exercise in obedience, but can be a difficult skill to teach due to the handler having to remain stationary. Join me as we break down the steps to train a beautiful broad jump!

This workshop will start the training from the beginning, although your dog should be old enough to safely jump and have some jumping experience. You’ll learn how to add value to the relatively boring broad jump, how to teach your dog to drive straight forward after jumping, and how to safely turn to prepare for the front. This workshop will not cover teaching your dog a front. The demos will show either tossing a treat between the handler’s legs or breaking off the exercise prior to the front behavior, but you are welcome to use a platform or other prop to create the front if you wish.

If your dog is just starting on this exercise, or if you are trying to troubleshoot an issue with the broad jump, this workshop will be helpful for you!