6-Week Class

Beyond the Backyard: Distraction Training for Competition and Real Life!

Start Date: April 1, 2023
Registration Opens: March 22, 2024

Class Description

What’s your dog’s kryptonite?  Squirrels?  Food on the ground?  People?  Other dogs?  This class is all about getting the behaviors that you have in your home in a wide variety of locations.  For a competition dog, this is non-negotiable but pet dogs benefit greatly too!  If you want your dog to cooperate with you all the time, even in public, when tired, and when reinforcement is not readily available, this is the class for you!

This class is loosely based on the very popular book “Beyond the Backyard” by Denise Fenzi, with some additions and tweaks specific to competition dogs.  Throughout the class we will teach the dogs to listen regardless of where the reinforcement is, on or off your body.  In addition we’ll teach the dogs to perform the behaviors in different environments.  Your dog will also learn to react to distractions by redirecting back to you – such a helpful skill!!

Competition dog, pet, or both, you and your dog will benefit from this class!

Enjoy the trailer!

Class Syllabus

Week 1

1.1 Two-Cookie Game

1.2 Start Easy

1.3 Generalization

1.4 More Practice


Week 2

2.1 Changing Distractions

2.2 Generalize Locations

2.3 Generalize Distraction Location

2.4 Eye Contact


Week 3

3.1 Eye Contact with Distraction

3.2 Closer Distraction

3.3 Performing Longer Behaviors

3.4 Generalization and Increasing Difficulty

3.5 Introduce Other People


Week 4

4.1 No More Leashes

4.2 Multiple Behaviors

4.3 Mini Behavior Chains

4.4 Exercises with a Helper

4.5 Helper: Treats on Floor


Week 5

5.1 New Location

5.2 New Locations: Training Plan

5.3 Getting Cookies off Body

5.4 Changing Value of Reinforcement

5.5 Helper: Stays

5.6 Helper: Introducing Behaviors


Week 6

6.1 Reducing Cookies: Alternative Rewards Discussion

6.2 Reducing Cookes: Training

6.3 Using Life Rewards: Concept

6.4 Using Life Rewards: Generalize

6.5 When the Distraction Can’t be a Reward

6.6 More Complicated Behavior Chains

6.7 Lose the Leash