FDSA Webinar

Are You Ready? Everything You Need to Know to Get in the Rally Ring!

When: August 11, 2022

Many handlers, particularly new ones, don’t always understand what all goes into preparing a dog for the rally ring. It seems so simple; just teach the behaviors. But in reality, it’s way more complicated than that.

Are you getting close to thinking about competition? During this webinar, we’ll go through all the ways you can help prepare yourself and your dog to ensure the most pleasant experience for both of you! Maybe you’re just starting out with your dog? This information will be very helpful as you prepare your dog for future competition!

Some of the topics we’ll cover are reducing reinforcement, working through pressure sensitivity around judges, stewards, tables, etc, training ring entrances, generalization, tips for walking and remembering courses, and more! We will also cover how to enter a trial and what to expect when you get there.

Don’t be left wondering what went wrong at your first trial! Sign up for this webinar and learn everything you need to know to get in the rally ring!