FDSA Workshop

7 Days to 7 Props Every Performance Dog Should Know

Start Date: May 7, 2023
Registration Opens: April 22, 2023

What if there was a way that your dog could perform a behavior correctly, from the very first repetition? Imagine not having to mess around with luring the dog into the perfect spot. Think of how fast your dog would learn the behavior!

I have news for you. You can! By using props, you can set your dog up for success right from the start. No changing criteria later as you try to fade your body prompts. Show your dog the correct picture from the very beginning!

Props are also extremely useful as you start to add challenges to your behaviors, like distractions or carrying things. The prop will allow you to break down the behavior so you can concentrate on just the new challenge without worrying about your base behavior falling apart.

But the first step is to teach your dog how to use the prop and what the default position on each should be! Pivot bowls are for pivoting in a stand. Sit platforms are for sitting, while full body platforms are for standing. Foot targets are for stillness of feet, not pivoting and dancing!

During this workshop, you’ll teach your dog how to interact with each prop. The dog will learn the default position for each and how to be still and wait for cues.

When you’re done working through the material, you’ll be ready to use props to teach all kinds of new behaviors, including fronts, finishes, pivoting, heeling, holds, tuck sits, fold back downs, and more!

If your dog already knows some of these behaviors but they aren’t quite as clean as you’d like, this workshop will give you the tools to help straighten up your dog’s front and finishes, prevent creeping on position changes, improve left turns, and eliminate mouthing on retrieve objects.

Here are the props you can expect your dog to learn during this workshop:

  • Pivot bowl
  • Platforms (sit and full body)
  • Foot targets (front and rear)
  • Nose targets/chins
  • Wire gates
  • PVC Chutes
  • Cones

Any dog of any age can take this workshop, from puppies on up! Join me to find out why props are so popular with dog trainers and how they can help you and your dog!