FDSA Workshop

3 Steps Back: Teaching Backing Up in Heel Position

Start Date: April 2, 2023
Registration Opens: March 22, 2023

Does your dog really struggle with the backing up signs in rally? Would you like to clean up those left turns and pivots to make them just a bit more snappy? Having a dog that understands how to maintain heel position, whether going forward or in reverse, makes teaching all of this stuff so much easier and will really clean up your heeling. This workshop isn’t just for rally peeps, it’s for anyone whose goal is a nice competition heel.

In this workshop, we’ll start with some basic left pivot stuff and will test how well your dog understands how to stay in heel position. The left pivot foundation skill is important so we will spend some time outlining how to get a left pivot without a disc. We’ll briefly cover the steps to teach the dog to back up in front of you to a rear foot target, then you’ll learn how to transfer that skill to heel. While this skill is very helpful in teaching back initially in heeling, it is not required.

Once you get the dog moving backward in heel, I’ll show you how to teach the dog to stay straight and in heel as you move backward more steps and even do right and left 90 degree turns in reverse. Once your dog understands the concept, the sky is the limit!

Working dogs should have a basic understanding of heel position and should be proficient in left pivots on the disc.

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