Online Private Training

Nicole offers one-to-one sports instruction and behavior lessons. 

Private Dog Sports Lessons

Nicole offers one-to-one sports coaching via Fenzi Dog Sports Academy’s one-to-one program.

  • Want an extra set of eyes before submitting your virtual runs?
  • Disappointed by your last few rally scores, and looking for help improving your skills?
  • Hoping to go from Rally to Obedience and need a coach to guide you through the process?
  • Stuck on an obedience behavior or Rally sign? 
  • …Another Rally or Obedience issue, and looking for one-on-one advice?

Nicole can help through a FDSA One on One session!

You will use the FDSA class forum structure to submit questions and/or videos for feedback. You purchase a one hour minimum of Nicole’s time and then will have up to 3 months to use that time.

Nicole will track all time spent reading submissions, viewing videos and responding to the student until the time is used.

Interested students should contact Nicole and provide a basic explanation of your background, your dog’s background, and what subjects you’d like to focus on and whether or not you’ve taken her existing FDSA classes on those topics.

Price: $130/hour

Private Behavior Lessons

Nicole offers behavior lessons for reactivity, aggression, and other behavior problems via Zoom in real time.

  • Is your dog causing you stress by barking at anything and everything?
  • Is your dog fearful of new things?
  • Does your dog pull you down the street?
  • Are you afraid your dog will get out the front door and take off?

I can help you with those problems and more! The 3 Hour Problem Solving package is for dogs that have one major issue that needs help.

During the sessions, we will focus on foundation behaviors that will pertain to your dog’s issue. We will teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog so he understands how to behave in a way that is more compatible to your lifestyle and we will design a custom training plan for you and your dogs. This package includes ongoing email support for the lifetime of your dog.

We also offer a package of 6 hours worth of lessons for dogs that have more than one issue.

This program includes 6 hours of private lessons, a customized training plan, and unlimited e-mail support for the life of your dog.

Shorter more frequent meetings generally work better for virtual training.  The first time we meet it will be 60 min, but often the follow-ups are 30 minutes, unless an hour is needed.

3-Lesson Package: $300
6-Lesson Package: $600