Experience the pinnacle of puppy classes with our Golden Star Puppy Socialization program! This exceptional program is renowned for its effectiveness and comprehensive approach. We believe in exposing your dog to a wide range of experiences, including interactions with other puppies, adult dogs, children, adults, various sounds, different surfaces, and everyday household items.

In our program, taught by Angela Bata, we prioritize teaching your puppy essential manners, exploring enrichment activities, and facilitating controlled play sessions with other puppies. Our focus is on instilling confidence in your puppy, teaching them to remain calm, and encouraging them to ignore other dogs instead of assuming every dog is a playmate.

Our ongoing weekly puppy classes take place on Saturday mornings, and with rolling enrollment, you can start at any time that suits you best. We happily welcome puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks, ensuring that all puppies have a chance to benefit from our exceptional program. Included in the 6-week program is a welcome bag, a comprehensive puppy pack, a puppy-sized Kong, a clicker, a detailed socialization checklist, and access to unlimited email support during your class. While attending consecutive classes is recommended for maximum benefit, it is not obligatory, so you can tailor the experience to your needs.

Join us and give your puppy the best possible start in life!

Eligibility: Puppies younger than 18 weeks

Pre-Requisites: First DHPP Vaccine