Hi-Star Registered Name – “Excel”


Excel is the puppy that I kept from Strive’s litter. He is sweet and cuddly and goofy and I adore him.

He’s taught me how important life skills are for performance dogs, and much of his first couple years was spent focused on being calm around other dogs, loose leash walking, and being comfortable in his crate. Excel has also taught me the importance of clear criteria and reward markers and how that reduces frustration. He is super smart and tries so hard in everything that he does.

Excel is already “excelling” in his performance career!  He has earned his Rally Excellent title and is nearing his Master and RAE titles.  He’s starting to show in agility and things are really coming together!

Besides training and showing together, we enjoy long hikes and cuddling. Most of his time is spent curled up next to me on the couch or at my feet. I am really enjoying our journey!