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Teach Your Dog to Find Heel Position From Anywhere!

Teach Your Dog to Find Heel Position From Anywhere!

Teaching dogs to find heel position is important for so many reasons.  It will help your heeling, setups, and finishes.  It’s important that your dog has a lot of value for being in heel position and that he or she can find heel position from many different angles....

Props for Fronts!

Why would you want to use props to teach front?  Because, used PROPerly, using props for fronts can make your life a lot easier!  Keep reading to find out why I love using props so much!   Easier to Fade   In my opinion, it’s easier to fade a prop than it is...

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Teaching the Moving Sit at Distance

If you play rally, obedience, or TEAM, your dog will need to understand how to do a moving sit, when the dog stops motion and sits facing you.  There are two components to this exercise: a sit out of motion and the ability to sit in place at a distance without...

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Position Changes Out in Front: Exploring the Sit

Master the Moving Stand in Obedience and Rally!

Location-specific reward markers: What they are and how (+ why!) to use them

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Happy Holidays!

This year has been hard.  I don’t know about you, but I am going through total dog show withdrawal.  I miss my dog friends.  I miss their dogs.  I miss stepping into the ring with my best partner.  And as much as I love them, I even miss the breaks from my kids on...

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Calm Down! How Food Reduces Arousal for Excited Dogs

Imagine this.  You’re pulling into your driveway after a long stressful work day.  When you walk into the house, your 65 pound lab starts frantically jumping at you while whining.  He’s just so happy and excited to see you, but nothing you do calms him down.  The more...

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All About Props and Proper Sizing for Your Dog

Welcome to the wonderful world of props!  Before you start using props, you'll want to make sure they are appropriately sized for your dog.  In this blog, we'll discuss different options and sizing, and will also cover how to make or where to buy props!   Pivot...

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Get Your Stays Off to a Good Start: Foundation Games!

There are several fun foundation games that can help you dog's stay get off to a solid start!  If your stays need work, or if you're training a young dog that doesn't know stays yet, try these games to help increase your dog's understanding of being still!   Sit...

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Want a Faster Drop on Recall, More Solid Signals, and a Great Wait? “Bee” to the Rescue!

If you’re looking for a way to get a faster drop on recall, better signals, and solid waits, check out how placement of reward can be helpful for you!

“Bee” is one of my favorite reward markers!  I have golden retrievers and coming to me is super high value for them.  They get joy from interacting with me, getting treats from me, and playing with me.  Because all the value is attached to me, getting them to do stuff out there without creeping in toward me can be difficult.

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Get Off! How to Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping

Why do dogs jump? As a pet dog trainer, one of the biggest complaints I hear about is jumping on people. We spend a lot of time working on this in my manners classes because it’s such an issue for so many dogs. Dogs jump for a variety of reasons, including seeking...

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Teach One Move that Will Improve Your Heeling Dramatically

Left Turns! Teaching the skills needed for a good left turn is just one small piece of your heeling, but they are important! If you take the time to teach the foundation needed for a great left turn, those skills will transfer over to many other heeling pieces,...

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Easy Tips for Remembering Rally Courses

Tips for Remembering Courses! For some, remembering the course is the most difficult skill in rally, especially when having to pay attention to the dog while navigating the sequences.  I’ve put together a few tips to help you remember the course! Know The Signs! If...

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New Puppy? Tips for Raising a Good Dog During the Pandemic

Everyone has puppy fever right now!  With the arrival of spring and the extra time we have on our hands, it seems like a great time to bring home your next furry family member.  All those adorable puppy pictures on Facebook don’t help much either! If you recently...

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Breaking down the Moving Down in Rally

One sign that causes a lot of frustration in Excellent Rally is the Moving Down. In this blog post I’ll show you how break down the skills needed for the moving down into manageable chunks.

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Planning Ahead: Reducing Reinforcement for the Ring

The process of reducing reinforcement in preparation for entering an obedience or rally ring is something it’s easy to overlook and rush. Most dogs act very differently when their handler has treats versus when the handler does not have treats, yet many people go straight from training with treats in their pockets to leaving treats on their crate and going into the ring.

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