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 Teaching the Stand for Obedience and Rally

There are a few different ways to teach a stand for obedience and rally.  You can simply teach your dog to walk forward into the stand, but this will result in the dog being ahead of heel position.  Many people choose to teach the dog a kickback stand, meaning that...

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The Power of Offered Attention and the Name Game

When it comes to training, two foundational games can transform your dog into an attentive and responsive partner – Offered Attention and the Name Game. These essential skills go beyond simple commands, fostering a strong connection between you and your furry friend....

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Why Do Dog’s Disconnect After Reinforcement?

Mastering Lateral Movement in Front: Beginning Steps

Wait Your Turn: A FOMO Foundation Game

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Arousal

Learning to reduce your dog’s arousal levels will make training much easier. An over-aroused dog cannot think clearly, which makes learning difficult.   Many behavior problems are caused by a dog that is overaroused. Lowering arousal levels can improve...

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Sensational Sits in Heel Position

In the world of dog performance, achieving flawless sits in heel position is crucial for success. While it may seem like a simple skill, training reliable straight sits requires time, patience, and strategic techniques. In this guide, we'll explore some effective...

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Canine Enrichment: Puppy Meal Time

Meal time isn't just a routine for your furry friend; it's an opportunity to provide your puppy with some engaging enrichment. Incorporating mental and physical stimulation during your puppy's meals not only adds excitement to their day but also contributes...

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2023: A Year in Review at Golden Paws Dog Training

What an exciting year 2023 has been!  Take a look at the review of 2023!   First off, last year was our 15th year in business!  Wow!!  It's incredible how far Golden Paws has come, from teaching in a tiny classroom in an old school to opening up a brand-new...

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The Importance of Teaching Collar Grabs

Teaching your dog to accept collar grabs usually isn’t at the top of the training list, but it’s an important skill!  Many dogs find collar grabs slightly aversive and will fight by pulling back when you take the collar.  It’s important that you are able to take your...

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I’m Busy! Relaxation Games for Your Dog

A dog that maintains connection while training is crucial to a successful session. However, there are times when we must disconnect from our dogs, and teaching relaxation games will prevent your dog from disconnecting and forming bad habits like wandering and...

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Fabulous Fronts After Jumps

One of the more challenging skills in rally and obedience, for both dogs and their handlers, is the front after a jump. This skill requires the dog to clear a jump and then promptly sit in front of their handler. This is a complex task that can take time to master....

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A Guide to Driving with a New Puppy

Driving with your new puppy is a daunting task, but by following these tips you can have a pleasant traveling experience with minimal risk to your new baby.   I just returned from a 15 hour road trip with my new baby, Rise.  Over the years, I’ve learned some...

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Calm Greeting Behaviors for a Happy and Well-Balanced Dog

Teaching your dog calm greeting behaviors isn’t always easy, but it is always worth the effort.  We all love our dogs, and there's nothing quite like coming home to a wagging tail and a big, warm, and enthusiastic greeting. However, sometimes these greetings can be a...

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Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Your Dog New Behaviors

There are a few ways to make teaching new behaviors easier for you and your dog.  Let’s outline a few of those tips to help you be more successful in this step-by-step guide!   Teaching New Behaviors in Low-Distraction Environments   First, teach your new...

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Station Training: Teach Your Dog to Go to Their Place

Station training is a valuable skill that can significantly benefit you and your dog. By teaching your dog to go to a specific area and remain there until given permission to release, you can address various situations more effectively. Whether you're enjoying a meal,...

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Building Canine Focus: Teaching Your Dog to Ignore People

In the realm of dog training, one hurdle that frequently challenges our furry friends is their tendency to get easily distracted by other people. Training your dog to ignore these distractions can prove invaluable when you're out and about. Whether you participate in...

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