2023: A Year in Review at Golden Paws Dog Training

January 6, 2024

What an exciting year 2023 has been!  Take a look at the review of 2023!


First off, last year was our 15th year in business!  Wow!!  It’s incredible how far Golden Paws has come, from teaching in a tiny classroom in an old school to opening up a brand-new facility!


In January, we officially opened our brand new building, built exclusively for dog training.  We are so proud to offer high-quality dog training to the area.  We were so busy this past year that I added two part-time trainers to help me teach.  It’s been a very successful year with lots of great feedback!


In addition to puppy and manners classes, we offered dog sports classes such as rally and agility, hosted seminars by other instructors, hosted our own seminars, and offered training for the local 4-H club.  We also presented dog safety seminars for local homeschooled kids and parents.


Check out our local classes HERE!


I’ve been busy teaching online classes, webinars, and workshops with Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  Each term I’ve offered two classes and presented workshops and webinars on many dog sports topics.  I also had the pleasure of teaching at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Training Camp in Oregon this past fall.  It was so fun meeting many of my online students in person!


Do you want to see what I have coming up online?  Check out this link!


Our own pups had a pretty fabulous year also!  My 13-year-old daughter, Lexi, and her dog, Strive, have been showing in rally and agility.  In March, Strive earned her Rally Advanced Excellent 3 title, and in October, she earned her Agility Excellent Jumpers title, both upper-level titles.  In addition, they earned many High Triples and High Combineds in rally.



Excel had a pretty good year too!  In January he finished his Novice Agility Jumpers title, and in March he earned his Rally Advanced Excellent title and his Rally Master title with many High Triples and High Combineds!  He has earned 15/20 of the Triple Q’s needed for his Rally Championship title.  Excel also earned his Beginner Novice obedience title with his last score being 199.5/200!



In October, Lexi and I drove to Nashville to pick up our newest family member, Rise!  At four months old, Rise earned his first title, Novice Trick Dog!  He’s a very smart fun puppy and we’re having a blast learning all the things together!



I want to take a moment to highlight my 4-H kids.  I am the dog leader for our county and we’ve worked hard to grow our 4-H program.  Last year we had 22 kids enrolled with 17 showing at the local county fair!  The kids and dogs did great at the show!  5 of our kids attended the 4-H State Dog Show and had an amazing weekend!


Joy and her golden retriever Bailey earned a Reserve Champion in Agility Jumpers and blues in Showmanship and Novice Rally!  She also earned a red in Novice Obedience.



Lexi and her golden Strive earned 3 Grand Champions in Agility Standard, Utility Obedience, and Rally Excellent!!  They also earned a blue in Showmanship and a red in Agility Jumpers.

Hailey and her toller North earned a blue in Showmanship in their very first year showing!!



Levi and his black lab Kyra earned 3 blues in Graduate Beginner Obedience, Novice Rally, and Showmanship!



Finally, Maddie and her Akita Chiqui, in their first year showing, earned a Grand Champion in Foundation Obedience!  They also learned a blue in Foundation Rally and a red in Showmanship.



It was such an exciting year for our 4-H kids!  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to teach these kids about dogs and dog sports.  They are the future of the sports I love, so supporting them is very important to me!

Wow, what a fabulous year it’s been!  This coming year, I hope to offer even more dog sports classes and seminars at Golden Paws.  We will also be opening our new outdoor 100 x 100 foot agility area!  We will continue to bring high-quaility dog training to the area by bringing in other instructors for seminars.

Thank you to all of my clients and students for all the support.  Without you, none of this would be possible.  I wish you and your dogs a wonderful 2024, and I hope to see you in class either at Golden Paws or online!

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